AZT Team Trail Work

Work Event Report

Oracle Passage 13b-Kannally Wash Segment

March 8, 2015

Written by Don Washco, crew leader


Team Oro Valley Bicycle (OVB) mountain bikers wanted to do some trail work, so they made a call! From that call arose a great morning work event on the Oracle Passage of the Arizona Trail. Jeff Bridge helped set up the event, delivered the tools, and tasked Don Washco to act as crew leader. Team OVB provided the energy and amazing effort!

Fifteen OVB team members showed up early Sunday morning and covered about a mile of trail, from the Route 77 road crossing, south to the power line.


Worked included some drainage work, some fairly major, minor tread repair and outsloping, and brushing of lots of catclaws.

playing in the dirt, minus the wheels

One participant commented, ” I think it was good to have a meeting of minds and talk about what the different AZT trail users would like to see, as well as, trying to make these trails a lasting feature. I look forward to riding on the dirt we worked today!”

Team OVB ( is sponsored by Oro Valley Bicycle (, and regularly does volunteer trail work as part of their team building and dedication to maintaining the trails they ride. Thanks to all who participated – Beth, Jed, Mike, Kevin, Christina, Ryan, Regan, Jacy, Mike, Steve, Kerry, Mark, Ryan, Audra, Cassi, Kevin, and Bryan!

Team OVB Rocks!


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