A Cop, A Nurse and a Bunch of Fun Kids on Bikes!

kids camp7What a fun opportunity this was! Team member, Ilych works for a community extension

Thanks Ilych for being such a great role model!
Thanks Ilych for being such a great role model!

program for school age kiddos and put together a bike camp for the youngsters during fall break. When asked if we could gather a couple of guest speakers from the team, I said “Heck yeah!” and am so glad we did this!

Chad, a wiz with the kids!

With the great idea by Chad, not only did some mountain bikers show up; but bike racers who are also a cop and a nurse rode in on their steeds! Physical fitness and fun on bikes are important, but so is having an education. We wanted to show this group of 6-8 year olds that they can be professionals in both life and racing! You can be a teacher or an engineer or a policeman or a nurse or whatever your path leads you to and still know how to put the hammer down on a mountain bike for fun!

Along with the adults, we had 3 high school kids (Caiden, Brian and Nick) come by to share their experience in how they got into racing and what their future plans were. The young boys and girls will be right where these three boys are one day soon! kids camp9

The kids asked lots of questions about us and about bikes and racing. Then they shared with us some of the things they had been learning during this fun week about safety and bike handling. We all remember helmets are important whenever we jump on our bikes and being friendly with your fellow riders is a must!kids camp6kids camp11

Leaving the gym, kids headed outdoors to see some seriously awesome bike skills by us 😉 and then they got to show us their skills on a mini race course set up by Ilych. We had high-fives and racing and yes, a few crashes with boo-boos. And after the last laps around, we handed out stickers and temporary tattoos all about bikes. With the mention of stickers…I got bombarded by the group of 26! They each introduced themselves and told us what they learned and what they loved about riding bikes. Most common answer? “I like to go fast!” Me, too, kids! Me, too! 🙂kids campkids camp4

This whole little venture lasted barely over an hour, but it was so much fun! We also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Weigold (executive director of the program) and chat about creating a pathway for the elementary kids to move into Team OVB and the OVMTB HS teams. Doors are opening! Watching those kids ride their butts off and ask such great questions was pretty amazing…and some things out of kids’ mouths… “You smell like a lollipop.” “Is that a good thing?” “Yes!” haha 😀 I love it!

Thanks again for the adventure and we’ll be back anytime!kids camp12


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