Team’s End of Season Party and Awards

Wow! What a great season we’ve had in 2015! I’m so excited to have had so many great people having fun, racing hard and accomplishing some big goals! This year has been the most fun yet! Way to go, people!!

Thank you to ALL of our sponsors who helped make this team great!

Oro Valley Bicycle

GU Energy Labs

Forest Canyon/Hawthorne MD

Northern Arizona Gastroenterology

Pulmonary Associates of Southern Arizona

Rainbow Signs

Arizona Power Yoga


Catalina Brewing Company


Junilla Arrieta LMT

2015 team pic

You all rock!

Season awards:

MBAA state series podiums:
1st: Doug Streeter (cat3 50+)

3rd: Kevin Sizemore (cat2 35-39)

3rd: Jed Benninghoff (cat3 40-49)

3rd: Beth Utley (Marathon)

Raced every MBAA race in 2015:

Kevin Sizemore

Bryan Phielix

Doug Streeter

Jed Benninghoff

Giddy-Up award:  (new for 2015-person who really stepped it up and outside the box this year)

Kit Plummer

Spirit award: (new for 2015-person always animated, positive and always cheering you on)

Christina Carbone

Most Improved Racer award:

Jed Benninghoff

Most Adventurous Racer:
Cassi Morelock (AZT 300 finisher)

Best Kit Accessorize’r:

Audra Miller

Most Impressive Finish:
Bryce Buckner (finishing a 40 miler after a serious face planting and frame busting crash at mile 5)

Most Volunteer/TrailWork:

Cody Martin (12 hours)

Most Races completed in 2015:

Bryce Buckner (9)

Made every MBAA race!
Made every MBAA race!
Christina definitely deserves the spirit award!
Christina definitely deserves the spirit award!
Giddy-Up award-Kit! Way to go!
Giddy-Up award-Kit! Way to go!

After some yummy food provided by Oro Valley Bicycle and tasty brews from NAzG, everyone played a weight guessing game. Items included a pumpkin, Specialized road frame and a fork. OVB provided some awesome prizes to those number loving folks that nailed the weights. Some of these peeps were so right on, I had to ask for their Google history! 😉

There was a head stand contest for a free 1 month unlimited yoga membership provided by AZPY. I’m amazed at all the people standing on their heads for this! But no one could beat out Jaime who held it long and steady. Nice moves!

What a super fun night! Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a blast giving out some very well deserved awards!

Please check out our picture gallery for some fun pics!


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