December 30, 2016

Registering for your MBAA races:

  • Head over to MBAA‘s website and find racing.
  • Pick the race you want to register for:
    • McDowell being race number 1…
    • Click register and it will take you on over to
    • AzReg is where you will register for all MBAA races.
  • For your first time registering, you must create a free account with AzReg:
  • Once your account is created, you can go ahead and register for whatever category you are qualified to enter.
    • If you have any questions on what category is best for you, please ask any of the experienced racers.
    • See MBAA’s website for race course/venue  details and lap counts. Know your lap count!
  • Note that the entry fee increases Sunday night, the week of the event.
  • There is camping allowed at the McDowell venue, as is most of the race venues.

Team Kick-Off:

  • 1/8/17…Did you RSVP?! See your Evite for complete details.
  • Team rides will be on the 50Yr trail from the Gila Monster group ramada promptly at 2:15pm.
  • We will split up into a couple groups based on skill level.
    • A few of the youngest racers’ parents will need to assist in that junior group:
      • Jr ride will start from the Golder Ranch parking area. Please coordinate with Dawn!
    • Be sure to have your STL pass when riding outside the park!
  • There will be food and drink provided along with give-aways and prizes after the ride!
    • Sponsor introduction.
    • T-shirts, podium socks and racer schwag will be handed out, as well.

Coming Team Events:

Be sure to keep an eye on the team calendar!

  • Nutrition Clinic at OVB Sunrise. -Details forthcoming.
    • 2/2/17
  • Trail Building at Starr Pass with SDMB. -Details forthcoming.
    • 2/26/17



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