January 10, 2017: Competing for most races & TrailWork..

As in 2016, we are lucky enough to have such awesome sponsor support that we can again award a monetary prize for the team member with the most racing and the most trailwork/event volunteer hours for the year in 2017!!  Yay!

  • Criteria for a race to be used:
    • Must involve dirt under your wheels
      • XC
      • Short Tracks
      • Super D or Downhill
      • Cross
      • Gravel Grinders
    • There must be an entry fee.
    • Racers must be able (and should be!) to wear their Team OVB kits during the race
      • That means that the HS/MS season races can not be entered into this competition. Sorry kids.
  • Volunteer work consists of:
    • Trail Work with an official Seward
    • Race event volunteering
      • MBAA
      • EpicRides
      • Gaba events
      • American Bunny Hop
      • …and so on
    • Although you may have someone do your team obligation volunteering of 4 hours for you; you must actually complete these hours for the competition, yourself.
  • All hours and races must be submitted through the team website forms to be counted.

In case of a tie, we do reserve the right to have a tie breaker…or not.

Sometimes, rules are subject to change.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!


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