January 15, 2017: MBAA #1!

Whoa!! What a turnout we had for MBAA #1!

So proud of everyone out there! Each of you rode hard in all the elements and that kids race will be a memorable one! Those young’uns are some tough mudders, racing their very first MBAA in the hardest of conditions! 

Team scored some big podiums, too! Here’s your Team OVB top 5’s:

  • Women’s marathon
    • 2nd Beth Utley
  • Intermediate Men (50+)
    • 3rd James Streeter
  • Rockcrusher
    • 3rd Sean McDonald
  • Beginner men (15-18)
    • 1st Tyler Adams
    • 5th Ethan Vibal
  • Beginner women (15-18)
    • 4th Emily Taylor
  • Beginner women (30-39)
    • 3rd Liz Jobe
  • Intermediate men (40-49)
    • 1st Trygve Noreng
    • 2nd Ryan Mazura
    • 5th James Audia
  • Junior boys (13-14)
    • 3rd Bryce Adams
  • Junior boys (9-10)
    • 2nd Regan Mazura
  • Junior girls (9-10)
    • 3rd Taryn Ringler 
  • Junior girls (6-8)
    • 4th Jacey Mae Mazura

Way to go and congrats to everyone!! 

  • *** Please remember to submit your race and your event volunteer hours from this weekend on the website forms! 
  • *** Please email all your amazing photos to Dawn so she can get them onto the website and Beth can get them to all our sponsors! They love seeing you out there! 
  • We have a small red camp chair…who wants to claim it?
  • Thanks to you who helped save the ez-up and clean up during the storm!

Next up: Estrella! 

Photos up soon!


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