January 23, 2017: MBAA Roster Rules

Our 2017 MBAA Roster is complete.

The team roster is based off of who raced #1 and sign up for #2. This is simply for MBAA to calculate points for our team, if you are not on the roster; you are still part of Team OVB, will race and volunteer under us.

If you want on or off this roster, you have until January 27 to let me know; it is finalized and unchangeable prior to the start of the Estrella race (#2).

Team Points: For each race, points earned by the top five (5) finishers on each team will accrue to the total team points. Let’s go for that top podium, Team!!

Rules Reminders:

(These are MBAA rules and differ only slightly from Team OVB overall 2017 criteria. Although all of your hours and races acquired during the MBAA season count towards your Team requirements, please refer to your Team Expectations page for being a member of our team.)

    • As a member of this roster, you must help the team get to the required 50 hours of team volunteer/trail work.
      • This equals out to 1.5 hours per racer just to hit the mark.
      • If you are in contention to podium for the series in your category: you must complete 5 hours of volunteer/trail work or they will not allow you to claim that win for the series.
      • You may have someone volunteer for you to get to these hours.
        • Mom, Dad, Spouse, Friend can volunteer under your name and Team OVB.
        • Parents, spouses, friends…let’s get out there and volunteer while your loved ones are warming up and racing!
      • There are PLENTY of opportunities to volunteer (there is a sign up for every event) or to do trail work (check team calendar).
      • If you do event volunteering: Sign in and out at the event (you register ahead online for a time slot and type of work)
      • If you do trail work: You must submit your hours to MBAA (or how will they know ;)).
    • If you plan to race for a series podium, please be aware of the criteria.
      • Series Champion: The racer in each category with the highest point total of their best five (5) races will be the 2017 MBAA Race Series Champion in that category, provided they have completed the required minimum number of races in that category (3); as well as, the required minimum number of volunteer hours (5).
        • This means one (1) race will be dropped as there are six (6) total races. This will be the race you scored the least points (so if you don’t go to a race, you score a zero (0) and drop that one).
      • Changing categories: Racers may choose to advance to the next higher category after the first race, but they must commit to a category by the third race of the season and remain in that category for the duration of the season.

        • For racers opting to advance: all points from their first race and half of the points from their second race will carry over from beginner to intermediate and intermediate to expert – no other race category points are transferable. Racers may earn points in only one category at a time.


Team Members:

Member Last Name First Name USAC License # City State Age on 12/31  
Captain UTLEY Beth 304126 Oro Valley AZ 41
Member 2 MAZURA Jacey Mae 1-Day Tucson AZ 8
Member 3 MAZURA Ryan 390057 Tucson AZ 40  
Member 4 MAZURA Regen 1-Day Tucson AZ 10
Member 5 NORENG Trygve 139675 Tucson AZ 42
Member 6 NORENG Anders 1-Day Tucson AZ 13
Member 7 MCDONALD Sean 1-Day Tucson AZ 44
Member 8 MCDONALD Aidan 1-Day Tucson AZ 11
Member 9 JOBE Elizabeth 1-Day Tucson AZ 32
Member 10 TAYLOR Emily 1-Day Oro Valley AZ 16
Member 11 MATHIS Hillary 260518 Tucson AZ 40
Member 12 KASMAR Dawn 1-Day Tucson AZ 39
Member 13 UTLEY C 68673 Oro Valley AZ 50
Member 14 HAIDER Stevie 1-Day Oro Valley AZ 10
Member 15 PLUMMER Kit 410979 Tucson AZ 46
Member 16 STREETER James 444556 Tucson AZ 52
Member 17 AUDIA James 1-Day Tucson AZ 44
Member 18 HOPKINS Greg 1-Day Tucson AZ 54
Member 19 STRANG Gregory 376650 Tucson AZ 30
Member 20 HECTOR Scott 1-Day Tucson AZ 12
Member 21 DOTY Kelly 1-Day Tucson AZ 49
Member 22 DOTY Brennan 1-Day Tucson AZ 11
Member 23 TAYLOR Isaac 1-Day Marana AZ 16
Member 24 KASMAR Deegan 1-Day Tucson AZ 7
Member 25 KASMAR Chase 1-Day Tucson AZ 13
Member 26 VIBAL Ethan 1-Day Oro Valley AZ 16
Member 27 SHAFE Joseph 1-Day Tucson AZ 45  
Member 28 TAYLOR Courtney 494842 Oro Valley AZ 57
Member 29 TAYLOR Charles 1-Day Oro Valley AZ 18
Member 30 MAZURA Michael 1-day Marana AZ 35
Member 31 BENNINGHOFF Jed 418897 Tucson AZ 50
Member 32 PETERSON Beau 1-Day Tucson AZ 28
Member 33 MARTIN Cody 395636 Tucson AZ 30
Member 34 ADAMS Bryce 1-Day Tucson AZ 14
Member 35 ADAMS Tyler 1-Day Tucson AZ 16
Member 36 BIOCCA Siro 1-Day Tucson AZ 9
Member 37 BIOCCA Richard 1-Day Tucson AZ 44
Member 38 HOPKINS Luke 1-Day Tucson AZ 16
Member 39 HAIDER Steve 1-Day Tucson AZ 44
Member 40 RINGLER Taryn 1-Day Tucson AZ 10
Member 41 RINGLER Chris 1-Day Tucson AZ 41

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