February 27, 2017: TrailWork/Volunteer Thanks and Opps.

Thank ALL you who came out to help build new trail with SDMB on Sunday!! It was a beautiful, cloudy morning to dig in the dirt with a few sprinkles and some sun rays shining down on what is going to be a sweet new edition to the Starr Pass network!

*Those of you who were there, your 4.5  hours have already been credited to you for the team and for Team OVB on MBAA’s tracker. Thanks again!


There are a myriad of opportunities to get your trailwork in during the month of March! Including another Starr Pass dig this weekend. Please check the team calendar, it is up to date!

  • Please don’t forget you will need to submit ALL your volunteer hours to our website form and any trailwork hours to the MBAA form to get credit! (Team build day was an exception 🙂 )


***Team OVB is currently in 2nd place for the whole series!!! Yeehaw! We are not far ahead of third and not too far behind 1st…but we need 50 hours of team volunteer work to even qualify for that trophy! Racers, family and friends…help us out and volunteer!


***Those of you eyeing a series podium in MBAA, remember you are required to put in 5 hours of volunteer or trailwork to claim your podium. Not only does trailwork qualify, but volunteering at the MBAA events does, too! The whole series runs on volunteers! So sign up and help out to say “Thanks, MBAA, for putting on a great season in Arizona!” I know there are several of you looking at standing up on those top boxes, so get out there and get your hours in!


  • Havasu weekend pictures are up HERE. 24HOP and team build day pics coming soon.
  • Strong work to all you who toughed out a wet and windy year at the 24HOP!!
    • Be sure to send your Congrats to:
      • Kit Plummer for his 1st place in SS Solo!
      • Mark Torowus for his 5th place in SS Solo!
      • Corporate Team “Make this Race Great Again” for their 1st place!

For full results on the Havasu Havoc, see HERE and the 24HOP HERE.



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