March 1, 2017: Specialized Road Demo!

Are you not only a mountain biker, but also a roadie? Or have you been curious about how to get out on some of Tucson’s great (and not so great) roads? Not competing at the Cactus Cup? Well, this is for you…

Specialized is going to be here in Tucson demo’ing their newly re-designed Ruby and Roubaix road bikes! This is your chance to check out what all this talk about the “Future Shock” is and maybe showing all our local potholes who’s actually boss around these parts!

There are no-drop group rides planned (including a ladies only!) both Saturday and Sunday, led by Specialized folks to answer any questions you might have. Plus….you start and finish at the Hop Shop! Seriously, how can we get you any more stoked about this?!!

Happening March 11 and 12: Please check out this LINK for more info, to reserve yourself a bike and register to ride.


  • On a side note….pics are up for 24HOP and our team trail build day!
  • Our Volunteer/Race submission forms are now functional again.



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