April 2, 2017: Cactus Cup/White Tank Results and Pics…+ !

Cactus Cup returned to Arizona this year after a 23 year hiatus! Specialized signed on as title sponsor, there was great schwag given away and 3 fun filled days of racing in some of the most awesome and beautifully wildflower filled trails inside McDowell Mountain Park!

Pictures are up for the event. We could use any more that you folks out there have to add in!

Here are your top 5 Team OVB finishes:

  • Short Track (day 1)
    • Junior Men (13-18)
      • 3rd: Tyler Adams (and 5th overall Male)
  • Fat Tire 40 Mile (day 2)
    • SingleSpeed Open Women
      • 1st: Beth Utley
  • Fat Tire 40K (day 2)
    • Women (19-39)
      • 1st: Hillary Mathis (and 3rd overall Female)
      • 2nd: Liz Jobe (and 4th overall Female)
    • Junior Men (13-18)
      • 3rd: Tyler Adams (and 4th overall Male)
  • Super D (day 3)
    • Junior Men (13-18)
      • 3rd: Tyler Adams

For all of your Team OVB results, head over to the Cactus Cup results page!


Shake down at MBAA #4 in White Tank Mountain Park! With better than perfect.. a cloudy start to the day and the sun illuminating the second half of wave starts, it was bound to be a great day for Team OVB!

Pictures are up for the event…and there are some fantastic ones you won’t want to miss!

Here are your top 5 Team OVB finishers:

  • Intermediate Men (15-18)
    • 1st: Tyler Adams
  • Intermediate Men (50+)
    • 5th: Doug Streeter
  • Intermediate SingleSpeed Men
    • 3rd: Beth Utley (yep)
  • Rock Crusher Men
    • 2nd: Cory Foster
  • Beginner Men (15-18)
    • 2nd: Isaac Taylor
    • Special shout out to Bryce Taylor for racing hard into 6th
  • Beginner Women (15-18)
    • 4th: Emily Taylor (see starting line crash photo!)
  • Beginner Women (30-39)
    • 2nd: Liz Jobe
    • 4th: Dawn Kasmar
  • Junior Boys (11-12)
    • 5th: Aidan McDonald
  • Junior Girls (9-10)
    • 3rd: Taryn Ringler

Strong work to all of you who raced hard out there!!  For your full Team OVB results, head on over to Mangled Momentum results page!

Thank you to all those who helped out with set-up and break-down for the team area and for the awesome pix at White Tank!

Next up: Prescott Punisher, Whiskey Off-Road, State MTB Championships and Prescott MonsterCross

***Please be sure to get those volunteer hours in, especially important for the here and now for those of you eyeing a series podium! This includes you juniors! MBAA requests your time be documented before the finals! Our website is [usually] up to date on local events, so check out the calendar. Plus, the easy way to git ‘er done is to sign up and volunteer at your races!

Check your volunteer hours are in for MBAA here.

Sign up to volunteer at your race here. (Yes, Flagstaff volunteer counts, but you must be signed up early!)

Check your MBAA trail work hours here.

**If any of your hours are NOT correct or are not credited to Team OVB, please contact me ASAP so I can get them fixed!!**

As a GU Energy sponsored team, we have the opportunity to help volunteer at some of their events and gain some sweet GU schwag! The Barn Burner is one of these events, so this is your Arizona MTB opportunity to get in on this! Time spent volunteering counts towards your Team OVB overall hours. Check out the details and sign up here!

Team OVB is currently in 3rd place overall in the Series team competition!! And we are not too far behind second! Thanks to all of you putting in the hard work!! Let’s keep this momentum going!!!




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