June 6, 2017: Finals! and More!

The heat of the summer has arrived here in Tucson and the local racing is winding down for the next few months. I have the latest race results and photos to share with you and then we’ll be picking back up again in September with any summer news.
We’ll keep the calendar updated with volunteer opportunities throughout the summer and new races we hear about. Keep checking in! *If you see something out there that should be added, don’t hesitate to inform us!

The state finals for MBAA in Flagstaff turned out to be a fantastic end to the season! Racing in the pines with perfect weather and stunning conditions on a pretty rad course!Team OVB had a great turn-out of racers and we pulled out some high results putting the team into 3rd place overall in the states! YES!!
Congratulations to ALL of you who helped put our team up onto that final podium!!! It has been a super fun year so far and you ALL rock!

Your OVB top 5 Flagstaff finishers:

  • Marathon Women
    • 4th: Beth Utley
  • Intermediate Men (15-18)
    • 4th: Tyler Adams
  • Intermediate Men (40-49)
    • 1st: James Audia
  • Rock Crusher Men
    • 1st: Cory Foster
    • 2nd: Sean McDonald
  • Beginner Men (15-18)
    • 2nd: Isaac Taylor
    • 4th: Ethan Vibal
  • Beginner Women (30-39)
    • 1st: Elizabeth Jobe
    • 5th: Dawn Kasmar
  • Junior Boys (11-12)
    • 4th: Aidan McDonald
  • Junior Girls (9-10)
    • 3rd: Taryn Ringler

Your OVB Overall State Series Finishers:

  • James Audia: 2nd Intermediate Men (40-49)
  • Tyler Adams: 1st Intermediate Men (15-18)
  • Isaac Taylor: 2nd Beginner Men (15-18)
  • Elizabeth Jobe: 3rd Beginner Women (30-39)
  • Jacey Mae Mazura: 2nd Junior Girls (6-8)
  • Taryn Ringer: 3rd Junior Girls (9-10)

Up next was the Grand Junction Off-Road, part of Epic Rides series.
Team OVB Finishers:

  • 30 Grand:
    • 119th: Jed Benninghoff @ 3:48:08

Lastly, to round out the oncoming of summer, is the MBAA 6’er at Fort Tuthill in Flagstaff.
Your Team OVB Finishers:

  • Solo Men SingleSpeed
    • 1st: Kit Plummer with 8 laps @ 6:35:48 !!

Thanks to those of you who are making the big trips to represent at some of these further out races!
Coming up in the summer months:
Carson City Off-Road, South Boundary, Barn Burner and Peppersauce Round-up.
Trail work events:
Blue Ridge Weekend: June 9-11
CDO with TORCA: July 15

Lots of pictures from the Finals and we have added a “Random” album that will continually have new pix as we get them. Check out the galleries! HERE 

*Please don’t forget to submit your races and volunteer/trail hours so we can tally up for prizes at the end of the season! 🙂
*If you have photos you want shared with sponsors and the site, send ’em over!


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