September 13, 2017

Congrats to all our team Barn Burner finishers on a muddy Flagstaff course! Congrats to Chris Ringler (gears) and Kelly Doty (SS) for making the cut for Leadville…I see big training days ahead for you two! 🙂 Pretty sure Paul Boudreaux would have taken home a Leadville coin with his finishing time if he desired, too!  Strong work to the Mazura brothers and the rest of their quad team for their Posse win! Our SS quad (Carbone/Foster/Torowus/Gray) come in 6th with some great lap times! (I hope I didn’t miss anyone!)


Strong work to those who hit up the Signal Peak Challenge outside Silver City! Anders with a junior win and Trygve with a Cat2 2nd place! Liz Jobe pulling out a win in the Women’s Cat2! 


Congrats to all the HS racers at their 2017 season opener! Was great to see everyone working hard, put their hearts into it and having fun! Keep it going strong!


GU Pro Deal. Newly discovered info for those of you who have contacted me throughout the year with issues seeing your discounts. There is no code. If you did not apply for the Pro Team on the Pro Page (not the regular website for rewards) at the beginning of the season, your deal will not be applied when you login. You must login to the Pro Page @ THIS site to see our deal. If you do not see your reduced pricing, you will need to call the company. As a team member, your name was submitted for Team OVB, but each of you were required to individually register yourself as a qualifying pro-deal racer. Hope this helps those of you still having an issue and Hopefully we will be blessed enough to be invited back to GU as a pro team again for 2018!


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