About Our Awesome Sponsors!


How lucky we are to have so many awesome companies and people along for the ride!

Come on in and check them out!




The best damn bike shop around! For all your service, repairs and equipment needs. They have competitive prices and super friendly service. OVB is always able to get what you need or what you need done in a fast and professional manner. With three shops to choose from around Oro Valley and the Foothills area, you will always find what your cycling heart desires! Visit them at http://orovalleybicycle.com/


gu new 2015 logo  The leader in sports nutrition! GU is the original, revolutionary gel with a more effective method to keeping athletes fueled during exercise and continues to improve their recipe, incorporating the latest scientific research into its products. With the taste, convenience and performance enhancing benefits of GU Energy Gel and Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel, it will be sure you can focus on training and reach your goals in upcoming races. Breathe easy and leave your gels in the hands of the energy food experts at GU. Just suck down a packet of your favorite flavor and go (BIG)!  Find your favorite flavor at  https://guenergy.com/


specialized   The pioneers in modern bike technology. The mountain is nature’s playground, and Specialized mountain bikes are designed to deliver fun and adventure; they’ve engineered mountain bikes to give you the best performing machine for the way you ride. From an ultra-lightweight hardtail to world-championship-proven FSR suspension designs. Whether you’re the newest singletrack explorers of the most seasoned of shredders, you’ll find the ideal setup for your riding style.

   For some, the roads always lead to adventures in the mountains, or long rides in the back country. For others, it’s throwing down against rivals in spirited bursts of speed to test limits in thrilling competition. Whatever you seek from your road rides, Specialized road bikes are built for any road you put them on, just find a bike, open the throttle on your legs and ride on!  Find your next dream bike at  http://specialized.com/us/en/home/  You can never have too many bikes!


pasa logo tiff 1

PASA provides comprehensive and quality care to all patients with problems of the lungs. Their group of highly trained physicians specialize in pulmonary diseases, critical illness, sleep disorders and sports related conditions. The staff at PASA are committed to delivering care with respect, empathy and compassion. If you, or someone you know, is need of excellent pulmonary care; contact the best at http://www.pasatucson.com/.


catalina brewing logo pic   “We Bike, We Brew” is their motto, Catalina Brewing Company wholeheartedly supports the local mountain biking scene and like our trails, their beer is also certainly multi-user friendly; sharing common ground and a love of quality craft beer! The CBC satiates the passionate nature of our region with beers that can be enjoyed by all who seek the bold, outdoor adventure in the vibrant high-Sonoran desert with a friendly, but fiery attitude. Brewery NOW OPEN!! http://www.catalinabrewingco.com/


Ironwood logo 3  Specializing in skin care specific to the Southwest Desert, Ironwood Dermatologists offers straight-forward ways to protect yourself from the Arizona sun; as well as, customized skin care programs centering their practice around personal attention, awareness and education.   http://www.ironwooddermatology.org/


auto-exec-logoFinally! Buying a car the way it should be! Auto Exec’s is the affordable alternative to the hassle of traditional car buying. Because of their specialized automotive software, the Exec’s have more info about more vehicles from across the country. Next time you’re looking, call the experts! http://www.autoexecutives.com


jda-logoJDA will personalize any service to every customer and for an affordable price! Locally grown and owned, JDA Pool Care offers a myriad of services and serves all of the greater Tucson area. Call JDA today so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your pool! http://www.jdapoolcare.com


NAG logo  NAZ Gastro is known for their experienced and compassionate care, committed to the prevention of colon cancer. If you’re in need of a colon screening, call the exuberant Dr. Hawthorne today. https://www.nazgastro.com/

Hawthorne FC The surgery center is employed by compassionate and competent people who give 100% when it comes time for some of your more “uncomfortable” preventative care. www.forestcanyon.com

APat_image only With over 17 years of experience with Farmers and serving a multitude of areas around Oro valley, Alex is the man to see regarding all of your insurance needs. Visit him at his office or give him a call. APat&Farmers.com

parisi  Parisi Speed School of Tucson helps build speed, agility, confidence and aids in injury prevention! Gain strength and endurance for your sport of life! Check them out their junior, adult and team programs at ParisiSpeedofTucson

131175_Ilych_Gallardo_Logo_Final Gain confidence and develop the skills to enthusiastically tackle any obstacle the trail throws your way. Ilych Gallardo is a certified skills instructor and has a passion for getting you on the dirt and keeping you right-side up! His clinics are appropriate for any beginner or intermediate rider! Contact Ilych at foot2pedal520@gmail.com


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